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Who We Are:


Liver Health Foundation (LHF) is the only Los Angeles-based, patient-advocacy organization dedicated to supporting California liver patients.  The governing body of LHF is its Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Council members. Liver Health Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) entity. The Foundations’ Tax ID is 87-3216218.

Our Mission:


The Liver Health Foundation’s mission is to save lives by uniting patients, caregivers, providers, and industry partners to ensure the best possible care. We accomplish our mission by providing free-to-public educational programs and events, raising awareness of liver disease, providing resources for liver patients, advocacy on behalf of liver patients, addressing equity in access to healthcare, inclusion, and developing achievable solutions for liver disease.



Transforming the future of liver disease and the lives of liver patients.


Our values are transparency, compassion, patient-centered activities, advocacy for patients’ rights, Integrity, and collaboration.

To achieve our mission and vision goals, our programs and events are designed to transform the approach to liver disease by focusing on prevention, wellness, healthy lifestyle, accurate and updated medical information on innovative and new treatments, and opportunities for liver patients to meet with local liver experts and directly ask questions about their liver concerns


Donated Funds:

Our fundraising efforts are dedicated to increasing awareness of liver disease, raising the level of public’s understanding of the importance of liver as an organ, promoting healthy lifestyle, encouraging organ donations, providing local resources for liver patients and their families through free-to-public educational programs and patient outreach activities.


The funds we raise remain in California. We are your local nonprofit Foundation located in Los Angeles, with no obligation to any out-of-State- organization. Our devotion-loyalty is with the California Liver Patients. We host annual free-to-public walks in Los Angeles and Orange County to unite the liver community, meet liver patients face to face, understand their concerns and issues, and develop our programs to meet and address those concerns and issues. We are proud to have the support and participations of so many California medical centers, hepatologists, and transplant surgeons.


We honor and encourage those who are living with liver disease and celebrate those who unfortunately have lost their fight. We rely on community volunteers to help us reach out to over 2.5 million liver patients in Southern California. Thank you for your support. 

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