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Dinah Mejia

Dinah Mejia

BSN, RN-Clinical Nurse III

Surgical PCU Transplant Unit Nurse, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

It is with great pleasure that we present this award to Dinah Mejia, a dedicated Registered Nurse at Cedar Sinai for the past 22 years.

Dinah’s colleagues have had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the extraordinary commitment, clinical expertise, and compassionate care that Dinah Mejia consistently provides to liver transplant patients and their families. She stands out as an example of excellence in nursing, going above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing and comfort is given to every patient she encounters. Dinah exhibits an unparalleled level of knowledge in preoperative, post operative care, and management of complications associated with liver transplantation.
Dinah Mejia obtained her BSN degree in the Philippines, where was also born and raised. She began her nursing career as an OR nurse in a small privately owned hospital and worked her way up to becoming the OR Officer in Charge as well as managing the delivery room.

Nursing, specifically surgery, has been Dinah’s passion ever since she was nineteen years old. Helping others makes her feel fulfilled not just as a nurse but also as a human being.

Today, Dinah has three smart, beautiful kids and a loving husband, Gabriel. Her children, Jian (20) and the twins, Joshua, and Gabby (18) are in college.

During her brilliant career Dinah has received Employee of the Month award and standing ovations for her excellent nursing care. Earlier this year, she was awarded Cedar Sinai’s Safety Star for recognizing a major safety issue during her assessment of a patient.

Staff always rave about her calm demeanor and professionalism. She is one of the core charge nurses on the unit and has precepted countless RNs throughout the years.

Dinah is a dedicated team player who constantly collaborates with interprofessional departments to accomplish shared goals for her patients. She demonstrates strong leadership and mentoring qualities. She is often sought out by other nurses for her expertise and advice. It is her commitment to the well-being of patients and her passion for the nursing profession that inspires those around her.

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